Monthly Treat

A Sweet Dozen

It looks like this will become a regular monthly treat for us. On the first Wednesday of each month, CupcakesToGoGo is making the long trek to Enid. We typically order a dozen. It is like getting twelve different yummy slices of quality cake. They use a travel theme to name their little slices of heaven. Names like Chocolate Town, Route 66 Red Velvet and Canada Eh? are just a few examples. My favorites are the lemony Sunshine State Cake and the peanut butter I Heart PBC. Prices are what you would expect; $2.25 each and $25 for a dozen.

Give them a call at 405-330-2190 or email at with your pre-orders to guaranteed cupcakes when they visit. Then follow them on facebook or twitter to get updated on where in Enid they will be set up. Or if you can not wait, you can stop by the store and get your fix via their drive through window.

Enid Trail to be Updated

Plans for the expansion of Enid’s Trail system were reported in the March 14 edition of The Enid News and Eagle. Matt Davis, a member of the Enid Park Advisory Board, commented on the City’s plans for the next phase of the trail system. He said that costs will be covered jointly by the City and the Oklahoma Department of Transportation. The OK DOT has required that the trail system connect commercial, public, educational and governmental sites through out Enid. It should meet recreation and transportation needs.

You can find the complete plan (PDF) at the City of Enid’s Website. And looking at the maps this phase is just the beginning. This phase should connect the East Side with the West and likewise, the North and the South sides of Enid.

Initial work to be from Parkway in Indian Hills to Oakwood and then continue from Oakwood to Garland. This trail should follow and old rail road track that no longer exists but the right-of-way still exists. On the PDF this would be trail number 3, The Rail Road Pass Trail.

Future plans are for a trail that starts at the western end of The Rail Road Pass Trail and heads North into Cedar Ridge. Again, on the PDF, this is trail number 5, The Track West Trail. A trouble the planners and builders have is how to cross West Owen K. Garriot (US 412) safely. This is the last traffic light in town and drivers are eager to get up to full speed and get out of town.

Also on the City’s to-do list is trail number 9, The Channel Fairway Trail. Initial plans are for it to start close to midway of trail 3 and head North to Chestnut Ave and beyond to Crosslin Park using trail number 12. Number 12, The Farmland Express Trail, is a necessity. If you want to get to the Jumbo Foods shopping center from the South you must use Cleveland. This road is fast, 45 MPH, and narrow. This road is not safe. Having a trail that gets pedestrians and cyclist off Cleveland is a big deal. And it will be see lots of traffic.

The Southgate Lane Trail, number 13, travels from Meadowlake Park in South Central Enid to Vance Air Force Base will remove travelers off South Cleveland. Presently, there are lots of cyclist and runners who get to Vance on South Cleveland. While this stretch is a bit wider than up North it is just as fast. I have to commend the City for wanting to make Cleveland safer. I know that I will be a heavy user of this part of the trail system.

And to connect the South East side of Enid, they are building the Government Gateway Trail, number 15. This will start on the far East end of number 3 and turn North towards East Owen K. Garriot and Independence Avenue. The City plans to use the Old Santa Fe Depot as a trail headquarters. This is a local land mark and shares parking with our farmer’s market. This will be the first leg to allow people to get to Enid’s downtown. Like many towns, the downtown holds government buildings as well as shops and convention centers.

In my opinion, the City is doing the right thing. Giving it’s citizens the choice and liberty to get around town safely is outstanding. As transportation cost keep rising having choice on how one can ‘get around town’ is forward thinking. Once this trail system is complete, people can choose from their our personal automobile, taxi service, the Transfer Bus system and this trail system.

Not Your Typical Sports Talk

On February 23, Enid High Constitution Team appeared on Enid Sports Talk Live on KCRC 1390 AM Radio. I capured the recording and tried my best to clean it up. Remember, this is AM radio. It can be noisy at times. Both clips are about ten minutes long.

In Part 1, Matthew Holtzen, teacher and coach, answers questions about what the Constitution Team is all about, Fund Raising for Washington D.C. and his students.

Download MP3

In Part 2, Kendra Wills, Marli Sussmann and Madi Sussmann take questions about how they compete, how they got interested in Constitution Team and their excitement about Nationals.

Download MP3

Again, sorry for the audio quality and I hope you enjoy the show.

WDTV Live Plus

A while back, a couple of years now, I converted an older laptop into a file server using the server edition of ubuntu. The purpose was to allow me and my family to back up our local files. Then my kids got iPods and now we were each starting to collect music locally. And this file server became our shared music server.

Then, of course, they wanted digital copies of our DVDs. And with all our photos added, our little server that could became our media server. We used VLC on our computers to watch, listen and view all of this. But we wanted the living room, ten foot, interface.

After looking around a bit, I came across the Western Digital WDTV Live box. It allows for Standard Definition and High Definition connectons; and an ethernet jack. Just what I needed. We initial used it to watch our backed up DVDs and video Podcasts. It served our purposes nicely. It also came with pandora, flickr and youtube support. And we used it all.

My idea was to in the future sometime when I had an HDTV that I would get a better box, Boxee Box, Popbox or somethinig. Well I never got the shinny new HDTV but we wanted to consume our media on other standard TVs. So I figured I would just get another WDTV Live. When I seached I noticed the WDTV Live Plus with Netflix. I bought it. And now wish my old box had Nelflix. The Live Plus also has Mediafly support. So I don’t need to download all my podcasts anymore, I just stream them.

WDTV User Interface

The WDTV user interface is ok, just ok. It’s no AppleTV, Boxee or XBMC by any means. But once you get to the movie, you never really need the interface at all. The codec support is outstanding. It plays iPod movies and .MKVs. I have installed the MediaTomb server software on my little server, but really don’t need it. On a five star rating, I would give the WDTV Live Plus a solid four. The interface is not as flashy as it could be, but it does everything I need it to.

Pros: Netflix, Codec Support, Plays Local and Networked Media, Pandora, Flickr and Youtube support.

Cons: User interface, maybe.

So As I type this, the WDTV Live Plus might be the best set top box on the market. Again, at this very moment. Here comes the new AppleTV, GoogleTV and the Boxee Box.