Active Commuting Good for You

We are all aware that walking and cycling to work are a good alternatives to a gym membership. Why waste that time each day sitting in traffic, literally sitting. Getting your heart rate up while transporting yourself is like a second cherry.

While poking around the blogoshere this morning, I may have found evidence of what we all know is true. The folks at and have articles discussing the findings that were published in the American Journal of Public Health from researchers at Rutgers, Virginia Tech, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) that show a clear link between high levels of walking and bicycling to work and positive health outcomes.

Active commuting alone will not be that magic pill we all seek. But along with eating right, active lifestyle and other factors, walking and cycling can contribute to lower rates of obesity and diabetes.

Does your city or town promote walking or cycling to work? If it did, would you walk or bike more?

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