Monthly Treat

A Sweet Dozen

It looks like this will become a regular monthly treat for us. On the first Wednesday of each month, CupcakesToGoGo is making the long trek to Enid. We typically order a dozen. It is like getting twelve different yummy slices of quality cake. They use a travel theme to name their little slices of heaven. Names like Chocolate Town, Route 66 Red Velvet and Canada Eh? are just a few examples. My favorites are the lemony Sunshine State Cake and the peanut butter I Heart PBC. Prices are what you would expect; $2.25 each and $25 for a dozen.

Give them a call at 405-330-2190 or email at with your pre-orders to guaranteed cupcakes when they visit. Then follow them on facebook or twitter to get updated on where in Enid they will be set up. Or if you can not wait, you can stop by the store and get your fix via their drive through window.

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